Privacy Provisioned Infrastructure Over Optical Transmission Fiber

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Stops Eavesdroppers, Data Theft Over Entire Protected Provisioned Span - - New Service Offering

Physical  Layer  infrastucture PRIVACY

end eavesdropping on in-motion transmisson data across transmission infrastructure

optical fiber infrastructure cable provisioning     as-a-service


STOPS DATA THEFT interception



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Data Theft Prevention

Patented Physics-Based Denial + Deception Platform

Prevent Optical Transmission Fiber Physical Tapping, Prevent Data Theft,  Prevent Eavesdropping 


 Enhanced Tampering Event Location Detection & Alert Sensor Capabilities1

Combination of  Specialty Optical Fiber (available from multiple vendors) plus patented APRIORI Automated Intelligence end-point boxes prevents intruders from stealing data by placement of an undetectable physical tap on the fiber span.  

By adding the patented Apriori Network Systems Secure Fiber Link to current Protective Distribution Systems or Alarmed Carriers, valuable optical fiber assets are fully protected from predatory hackers, state-sponsored tapping and interception of in-flight, in-motion data.

Apriori Network Systems Secure Fiber Link does not process or touch passing transmission data and is a secure feed-thru or pass-thru design:

  • no encryption
  • does not impede data in any way
  • 100% network compatible
  • agnostic to speed, protocol, modulation schemes, active analytics, encryption
  • working with current alarmed carrier vendors to ensure interoperability, plug & play with all hardened-alarmed-carrier systems used globally for new system or legacy field retrofits.
  • used respectfully, in concert with all math-based encryption, full link or active analytics - the physically secure optical fiber link is 100% network compatible and not processed in any way because the in-flight data passes through transparently across the Apriori Network Systems Physically Secure Optical Fiber Link.

1 "Enhanced Tampering Event Location Detection & Alert Sensor Capabilities" is enabled by qualified electronics and detection instrumentation that is currently in use by U.S. Government and Military.  Apriori Network Systems produces "new" add-in or add-on optical fiber technology that enables these systems, who currently use standard single-mode fibers, to migrate to Physically Un-Tappable, single-mode optical fiber links.  Apriori Network Systems fiber link is not alarmed, out-of-the-box, but is physically un-tappable.  Competitors systems are alarmed out-of-the-box, but imminently tappable and vulnerable to data theft.


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Optical Fiber Security

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Enhanced optical fiber asset protection

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Anti-Tap End-Point Box Advanced Prototypes

Anti-Tap End-Point Box Advanced Prototypes

Stock Image Suggesting Apriori Network System Secure Fiber Link Can Be Instrumented into Existing, off-the-shelf Alarmed Carriers with U.S. Govt. Qualified/Certified Optical Fiber Security Systems

Can be instrumented into existing, off-the-shelf, alarmed carriers with U.S. Government (i.e.: CNSSI 7003, etc.) compliant  Optical Fiber Protection Systems

Electrical Wires

Bend-type Physical Tap (L) positioned to intercept data transmission (R) demo set between point A ("Alice") to point B ("Bob")


Launched in 2016, Apriori Network Systems

New Jersey LLC

Bedminster, New Jersey USA  

 Expertise in fiber optic telecom subsystems, components, sub-components and specialty optical fiber, which all contribute to our passionate endeavor in evolutionary advancement of transmission data security with this patented, physics-based data theft, anti-tapping fiber security platform that compliments all of the math-based technologies in the market. 

The Apriori Network Systems platform operates agnostically from short reach spans to anticipated span length of 100 km or longer.  


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